Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter

Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter: Car & Motorbike. Buy Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter at UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.. Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]: 1 。 Height [mm]: 79 。 Inner diameter 1 [mm]: 62 。 Inner diameter 2 [mm]: 71 。 Outer diameter [mm]: 76 。 Part number of the recommended special tools: LS 7 。 Supplementary Article/Info 2: with one anti-return valve 。 Thread Size: 3/4-16 UNF 。 Product Description This part fits the following models:。Ford Ka Hatchback .3 i (9 - 008) kW。 Ford Fiesta Hatchback .3 (7 - 83) 9kW。 Ford Ka Hatchback .3 i (9 - 008) 3kW。 Ford Fiesta MK IV .3 i (9 - 00) kW。 Ford Fiesta Hatchback . (7 - 83) 0kW。 Ford Fiesta Hatchback . (7 - 83) 39kW。 Ford Fiesta Hatchback . XR (7 - 83) kW。 Ford Ka Hatchback .3 i (9 - 008) 37kW。 Ford Ka Hatchback .0 i (9 - 008) 38kW。 Ford Fiesta Box . (83 - 9) kW。This list is a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.。 Make sure this product fits your car by using the part finder above.。Equivalent Part Numbers:。MAZDA E3-30A; MAZDA E03-30; MAZDA E08-30A; MAZDA E0-30; MAZDA E08-30; MAZDA E3-30; PEUGEOT 09 A; PEUGEOT 09 A3; RENAULT 77 0 03; FORD 8; FORD 07 7; FORD 07 ; FORD 0 000; FORD 0 ; FORD 008 7; FORD 77 BM 7 CA; FORD 008 70; FORD 008 78; FORD 77 BM 7 CA; FORD 008 7; FORD 07 3; FORD 3 77; FORD 0 09; FORD 0 09; FORD 070 3; FORD 0 09; CATERPILLAR 9Y-93; GENERAL MOTORS 9977; VAG 07 8 F; VAG 07 F; VAG -09.00; VAG 0-900.0; VAG LP 9; VAG 0-00.00; VAG 00 700 0; CLEAN FILTERS DO ; MAPCO 0; MAPCO 8; CLEAN FILTERS DO 899; P.B.R. BC-; P.B.R. BC-333; P.B.R. BC-33; CLEAN FILTERS DO 7; P.B.R. BC-9; P.B.R. BC-3; SOFIMA S 880 R; SOFIMA S 3 R; SOFIMA S 3 R; BALDWIN BT3; SOFIMA S 80 R; ACDelco X 8; ACDelco X 7; ACDelco X 00 E; SCT SM 0; MOTRIO 8 70 0 08; MOTRIO 8 70 0 09; PUROLATOR PER 79; PUROLATOR L03; CHAMPION C 0; PUROLATOR L 779; PUROLATOR L 7; CHAMPION C ; PUROLATOR PC 8; PUROLATOR L 78; PUROLATOR L 777; CHAMPION C 0; AMC Filter MO-0; AMC Filter MO-39; MEYLE 7 3 000; MAHLE FILTER OC 988; MAHLE FILTER OC 3; MAHLE FILTER OC 8; MAHLE FILTER OC ; COMLINE EOF089; GIF GL ; CoopersFiaam FT8; GIF GL 9; CoopersFiaam FT339; CoopersFiaam FT90; MOTAQUIP VFL ; MOTAQUIP VFL 3; MOTAQUIP VFL 379; MOTAQUIP VFL 08; MOTAQUIP VFL 03; MFILTER MH 39; MOTAQUIP VFL ; MOTAQUIP VFL 387; MOTAQUIP VFL 0; MOTAQUIP VFL ; MFILTER MH 3307; PURFLUX LS88B; KNECHT AW 37/; KNECHT AW 87; KNECHT AW 37; PURFLUX LS88; PURFLUX LS; FRAM PH73; FRAM PH9; FRAM PH9; MAGNETI MARELLI 770809; SogefiPro FT933; FRAM PH0; BOSCH 0 03 073; BOSCH 0 03 08; BOSCH 0 03 07-00; BOSCH 0 03 03-80; BOSCH P398; BOSCH P3907; BOSCH 0 03 3; BOSCH 0 03 07; BOSCH 0 03 -30N; BOSCH 0 03 98; BOSCH 0 03 ; BOSCH 0 03 03; BOSCH 0 03 98-3B; BOSCH 0 03 307; BOSCH 0 03 307-8N; BOSCH 0 03 08-80; BOSCH 0 03 907-80; BOSCH 0 0 00; BOSCH 0 0 3; BOSCH 0 03 907; MEAT & DORIA 3; MEAT & DORIA 3/9; ASAS SP 0 K; ASAS SP 8; NIPPARTS J330; MULLER FILTER FO90; MISFAT Z; MISFAT Z88; MISFAT Z3; JAPANPARTS JFO-390; JAPANPARTS FO-390S; JAPANPARTS FO-390; JAPANPARTS JFO-390S; ALCO FILTER SP-9; FILTRON OP 30; VAICO V-00; FILTRON OP 9; FILTRON OP 9T; ALCO FILTER SP-07; ALCO FILTER SP-89; FILTRON OP 3; FILTRON OP 7; HOFFER 703/9; BLUE PRINT ADM 09; HOFFER 703; MOTORCRAFT EFL ; MOTORCRAFT EFL 3; MOTORCRAFT EFL 00; UNIPART GFE 7; UNIPART GFE 77; UNIPART GFE 73; UNIPART GFE 80; DELPHI FX08; CHAMP LS 99; DELPHI FX00; CHAMP LS 70; DELPHI FX00; CHAMP LS 7; DELPHI FX070; CHAMP LS ; HENGST FILTER H90W0; HENGST FILTER H90W0; HENGST FILTER H90W; HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J330; COOPERS Z 7; LAUTRETTE ELH 9; COOPERS Z ; LAUTRETTE ELH 088; COOPERS Z ; LAUTRETTE ELH 37; ELOFIC EXL-3; DIGÖMA DGM/O 80; CROSLAND FILTERS 0; CROSLAND FILTERS 37; FIL FILTER ZP 7; FIL FILTER ZP 7 B; ELOFIC EXL- 。 System Requirements Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]: 。Height [mm]: 79。Inner Diameter [mm]: 。Inner Diameter [mm]: 7。Outer Diameter [mm]: 7。Part number of the recommended special tools: LS 7。Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info : with one anti-return valve。Thread Size: 3/- UNF 。 。 。

Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter

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    • What is the design coefficient for PVC-U pressure pipes?
      The design coefficient (safety factor) is used in the design of all pressure systems using plastics pipes. It takes into consideration service conditions as well as properties of the components of a piping system.
    • Length of pipes
      It is conventional to use rigid PVC pipes of lengths between 3 m and 6 m in all applications although it is also possible to use pipes in lengths of up to 12 m on special projects. These relatively short lengths allow rigid PVC pipes to be stored and transported easily and also ensure that they are very easy to install. The short lengths also eliminate any problems associated with longitudinal bending.
    • What is the reason for selecting the correct pressure class?
      The criteria for choosing the correct pressure class are established in the standard EN 805: "Water supply - Requirements for systems and components outside buildings." The pipe system designer must calculate all the conditions that affect a water network, including static and transient effects, to obtain the basic parameters, as for example, the allowable operating pressure (PFA) and the allowable maximum operating pressure (PMA). After calculations, the designer will choose between the several classes that are possible in rigid PVC pipes.

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    Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter

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    FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Light in Weight (Wt. 1/7th of G.I pipe) Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance Inert to most acidic and alkaline solutions ...
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    Mann Filter W71243 Oil Filter

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