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Faqs - Shree Asian Pipe & Polymers Udhyog Nepal

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  • When Shree Asian Pipe And Polymer Udhyog Established ?
    Shree Asia Pipe and Polymer Udhyog has come a long way from its inception. Established on 2068 B.S. (1978 A.D.)
  • Where It is Located ?
    Shree Asia Pipe and Polymer Udhyog currently Located in Balaju Industrial District(BID).
  • What type of Pipe Product Available ?
    Miro Pipe, HDPE Pipe and Gardening Pipe
  • Is HDPE pipe a green solution for piping?
    Yes. It is safe when manufactured, used, or incinerated. It helps preserve water and electricity as there is no loss of water through the fused joint.
  • Where can dimensional information such as outside diameter, wall thickness and inside diameter of the various sizes of HDPE pipe be found?
    Normally, they will be found in the published literature of the HDPE pipe manufacturer and in ASTM standards. They can also be found in the Appendix to Chapter 6 of PPI’s Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd ...
  • Is small diameter HDPE pipe and tubing available in both iron pipe size inside diameter controlled and copper tube size?
    Yes, small diameter HDPE pipe products are available in both inside diameter controlled (SIDR) and copper tube size outside diameter controlled (CTS-SDR). Typically, SIDR pipe is available from ½-inch to 3-inch diameter while copper tube size ...
  • Is HDPE pipe available in both ductile iron pipe size and iron pipe size outside diameters?
    Yes, HDPE pipe is available both in iron pipe (IPS) and ductile iron pipe sizes DIPS), sometimes also known as cast-iron pipe sizes (CIPS). IPS sized HDPE pipe has the same outside diameter as black iron ...
  • Is HDPE pipe safe for drinking water?
    Yes. HDPE pipes certified for potable water applications are produced from pressure rated polyethylene compounds approved by NSF for public drinking water service.